"If everyone is moving forward together
then success takes care of itself

— Henry Ford

Red Chair Design Academy
understands what it takes to start a business.

There are several things every business needs to make a professional impression: a beautiful logo, professional business cards, a functional website and a email addresses that use your business domain name.

Custom Start-Up Packages

Red Chair also offers custom design work through our subsidiary BLACKDOT Design Studio

(not included in package price)


Our strategy workshop will analyse your personal and business goals, your strengths and weaknesses and discover untapped opportunities for your business. We’ll research the needs of your target markets and compare what your successful and unsuccessful competitors are doing.
Our brains tend to be hardwired to notice only the things that are different, so our goal is to create a unique selling proposition for your business. We’ll follow up our meeting with a written report and recommendations.
Half-Day Professional Photoshoot
Great design is often let down by mediocre photography. Great photography helps you get the most value out of your marketing. It’s short term cost for a long term gain.


We can create engaging signs for vehicles & environments to fit almost any size.


Badges, pens, banners, hats, shirts–you name it we’ll organise it!


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest–We'll get you on the platform you need to capture the audience you want.ECOMMERCE & CLOUD-BASED SERVICES We can setup an online store, create a checkout system and connect you with the write Service as Software (SaS) systems to start making you money.

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